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Tooth Fairy | Creative Kit

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Transform the enchanting tradition of losing a tooth into a magical experience with our Official Tooth Fairy Kit—a whimsical set of letterpress receipts (and keepsake record for mom) is designed to make every visit from the tooth fairy truly unforgettable. Whether they're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the tooth fairy or delighting in the surprises left behind, this kit adds an extra touch of magic to the tooth fairy tradition!

Each kit comes with:
- an official letterpress record sheet (7.27”x10”) for the child’s tooth loss
- 6 letterpress receipt cards (3 colors) with payment envelopes
- a small muslin bag for the child to safely leave the tooth in under their pillow
- Packaged in a sealed cello sleeve

 - MIN QTY 3

  • Colorbox Letterpress