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Colorbox Letterpress

Color Box Design & Letterpress was established in 2005 by owner, Rhonda Warren, after she left her position as a creative director at a corporate graphic design studio to pursue her passion and love for everything paper.

After designing solo for a year, she inherited a Vandercook 4 printing press and decided to dive into the unknown world of letterpress printing. This 1,100 pound antique mechanical hunk of metal is still in service alongside two other presses and a growing creative group of letterpress lovers. The Color Box team is able to design and create just about anything paper! Today, all of our letterpress products are completely done by hand in our Dallas, Texas studio on our vintage presses which allows us to have more attention to detail. For our few products that aren’t letterpress, we work very closely with our vendors to make sure our quality and vision doesn’t get lost. Fifteen years later, the business is thriving and our love for letterpress is as strong as ever. Today, Color Box Design & Letterpress goods are available at more than 400 stores across the United States and brides contact us from all around the world to create the perfect invitation for their event.

As a child my family always made things - my mom made our clothes, she canned fruits and vegetables, and my dad made all kinds of things including his own water well drilling rig. I guess I thought that was what everyone did, so I made things too, then I went to college and majored in graphic design and designed things. But what I love about letterpress is that you actually make the finished product from start to finish. It's quite the sense of accomplishment. I've been honing my craft of letterpress printing for quite a few years now and I still love it just as much as when I started. Now my whole team loves it too! The ability to produce our own designs and illustrations, paired with the 3-dimensional feel of letterpress printed on an antique press is wonderful. We love working with brides and event planners to make a special invitation that sets the tone for any special occasion and creating our own products to sell to make the world a happier place one letterpress print at a time.

Meet the ColorBox Team...
Colorbox Letterpress
rhonda camp warren
Owner, idea generator, press lady and fiscal navigator
Rhonda leads the team and is one of the designers/illustrators as well.

Favorite color: All the colors but if I have to pick I'll pick the blues and green side of the color wheel

Favorite activities: Gardening, kayaking, hiking

Favorite daytime drink: Topo Chico

Favorite nighttime drink: A bold red wine

Colorbox Letterpress
traci carlson

Favorite color: To wear, white and to design, blues and grays

Favorite activities: Anything outside, preferably near or in water

Favorite daytime drink: Iced Vanilla Latte

Favorite nighttime drink: Cold Sauv Blanc

richelle moreno
Jack of all trades, designer, printer and typographer

Favorite color: Anything blue!

Favorite activities: Currently spending my free creative time on updating and decorating my home

Favorite daytime drink: Almond milk latte

Favorite nighttime drink: Red wine

allie reddout
multi-tasking manager and social media maven

Favorite color: ANY shade of pink!

Favorite activities: Traveling with my friends/family & playing with my sweet kitty, Izzie

Favorite daytime drink: Iced Lavender Latte

Favorite nighttime drink: Cosmopolitan

Alberto Nabejar
Master of the Presses

Favorite color: Red

Favorite activities: Bowling, shooting pool, dancing and working out

Favorite daytime drink: Strawberry Açaí Lemonade from Starbucks

Favorite nighttime drink: Crown and Sprite