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Parking Violations | Emoticards

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Politely educating the general public, one tiny envelope at a time! These passive aggressive parking violations are very handy to keep in your car just in case you need to play pretend parking patrol one day to correct a fellow drivers paking ever so politely! 

Includes one of each of the following sayings:
- THANK YOU. You parked so close to me I had to use my yoga skills to climb into my car!
- NICE "Compact Car"
- It's a good thing I had my superhero glasses to see your INVISIBLE handicap tag.
- Do they need to make THE PAINT BRIGHTER so you can see the lines?
- Coloring outside the lines IS ENCOURAGED. Parking outside the lines IS NOT.
- Maybe you need one of those cars that PARK THEMSELVES.

- Parking Violation Card Size: 3.375”x2.375”
- set of 6  flat cards & coordinating yellow tiny envelopes 
- Packaged in a sealed cello sleeve with all phrases listed on back label

 - MIN QTY 6

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